Every good football club brings up its own players. In Dynamo they search for talented boys even among very young ones. The 17-year old Denys Harmash impressed everyone having substituted Ayila Yussuf in the match against Milan which was dedicated to 80th anniversary of Dynamo. In that match Denys played for only half an hour but he managed to show his great potential. The vice-president of “rosso-neri” Adriano Galiani was impressed with Harmash very much.
On the 31st of October 2007 Denys played in his first official match for Dynamo. It was the Ukrainian National Cup match against Ihroservis.

But after that he put the white-blue shirt on again only 2 years later.

From opponents to partners

Denys was born and grew up in a small town called Melovoe not far from Luhansk. Being 13 years old he went to Luhansk special football school and started to play football there. After one of the matches of Ukrainian National Youth Competition Harmash was noticed by the coach Olexandr Petrakov who invited Denys to Kyiv. Harmash is very thankful to Petrakov. He even calls him his second father.

Later the team from Luhansk won the match of Ukrainian National Youth Competition against Dynamo Kyiv. The decisive goal was scored by Denys Harmash who gained the prize of the best player of that tournament. After that Denys got an offer to play for Dynamo rather soon.


Harmash played for the third, second and junior squad of Dynamo. In 2009 he won the UEFA European Under-21 Football Championship with Ukrainian team. The manager of Dynamo Valeriy Gazaev noticed the talented half-back and in January 2010 took Denys to his team.

Since then Harmash plays for Dynamo regularly. Usually he plays on the position of the centre half back but he is also able to play on the left flank if necessary. Harmash plays effectively both for attack and for defense. On the 20th of October 2011 Denys scored the decisive goal in the Europa League home match against Beşiktaş (1:0).

Denys always plays fearlessly and gets many yellow and red cards. But in his case it is not because of brutality. He just tries to do his best in every episode.

Title partner
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