Artem Besedin: “We need to draw conclusions and get ready for away match”

Artem Besedin: “We need to draw conclusions and get ready for away match”

- The game was tough. Unfortunately we conceded that silly goal after set piece, but the duel isn’t over, we still have away game. We need to draw conclusions and get ready for it. We must avoid mistakes and score of course.

- Why did you call Brugge goal “silly”? Is it bitter the player next to you scored?

- The ball was in the air really long, but it hit right Brugge players’ head. I was battling against him and saw the ball flying where we were standing. I was holding him, but the ball just hit his head. Our keeper left the goal a bit and the ball went over him.

- Mircea Lucescu said Dynamo conceded similar goal at the training camp.

- Yes, we conceded after set pieces at the training camp. We need to be more attentive as it’s unacceptable to concede such goals in such games. I agree it’s mostly my fault as I was next to that player.

- How was your first serious match after the long break?

- It was a bit tough mentally, but we did a good job at the training camp. There were a lot of friendlies and time to feel the game rhythm. Besides I didn’t sit on a couch when I was suspended. I worked individually.

- You helped Buialskyi score as you didn’t let defender block him.

- That’s true, but I wish I had my own chance. Anyway, there’re games of the kind, there’s nothing one can do about it. I hope I’ll have more scoring opportunities in following matches.

- Does work under the charge of Mircea Lucescu benefit you?

- First of all it’s very interesting to work with him. I try to memorize everything he says. Everyone knows Lucescu is a very good specialist. I’m sure we’ll be making headway with him.

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