Training Complex

The FC Dynamo obtained their own training center in 1961, when it broke the monopoly held by the Moscow-based clubs and took gold medals in the national championship. The football-conscious government appreciated the victory and allocated a lot for the training ground construction in the picturesque subarbian area of Koncha-Zaspa.

The soccer players used to do their training in a two-storey building all the way into the mid 90’s. However, the training center later turned out not to meet modern requirements. The highly ambitious club needed a new practice ground that would comply with modern football requirements and provide first-class sports facilities for the squad.

The design was produced by Vitaliy Oksyukovskyy’s architecture workshop. 2 years into the construction works, the sports complex was officially inaugurated on March 28, 1998. Hence, it has become an object of admiration and pride of those who visited and constructed it. Nowadays, the name “Koncha Zaspa” sparks off the association of the cutting-edge Dynamo Training Center.