Olexandr Karavayev: “High spirits facilitate work”

Olexandr Karavayev: “High spirits facilitate work”

- This is the third time Dynamo and second time you personally move during pre-season period. What are your impressions? Are you ready to fight with the team?

- That’s true, we’re constantly moving and training, but that’s not a big deal to us. Players travel all the time. We must be ready to work and play anywhere.

- It seems all these moves were planned deliberately to keep the team fit as Dynamo are going to feature both in euro cups and in domestic competitions, so you can have two away games a week sometimes…

- Mister has incredible football experience. I don’t even know if there’s someone more experienced at the moment. I’m sure it was all planned. There’re positive aspects as we play against decent opponents which is beneficial for us. We lack such games in domestic league.

- Have you switched to club affairs after Euro-2020?

- Sure. Mister let us have rest after the Euro. 10 days isn’t enough time to get out of shape. What matters is that we’ve had emotional reboot and spent time with families.

As we came back, Mister said that after two months with the national team we need to switch to club training process. I’m sure we have enough time for that.

- Will you recondition quickly, considering that vacation was short?

- That’s right as we don’t have to start over and don’t feel exhausted. We were jogging for a couple of days and then played a friendly against Etoile. Of course there’s muscle fatigue, but I’m sure we’ll be 100% ready in a week.

- In what mood did you return to Ukraine after Euro-2020?

- In a good mood. I don’t think there was any euphoria as everything happened so fast. We covered a good way at the Euro and then, when we met our families, we felt even better. At the training camp, we also feel positive as we missed our teammates. High spirits facilitate work.

- There’re a lot of players at the training camp. Competition is fierce…

- That’s great. Everyone needs to feel this competition as it helps us make headway.

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