Olexandr SHOVKOVSKYI: “Dynamo had 12 players!”

Olexandr SHOVKOVSKYI: “Dynamo had 12 players!”

- First of all I want to thank fans for support. They gave us advantage. We’ve achieved positive result thanks in large part to them. It’s difficult do describe emotions right now. Personally I need four-five hours to calm down. We’ve accomplished our task, which is above all. Now some players will join their national teams and others will have time for rest. After that we’ll start getting ready for forthcoming matches.

- Fans were really loud. Wasn’t it difficult to guide your teammates considering such atmosphere?

- It’s great to play when there’s full house at the stadium. Fans believe in us and give inspiration. We analyzed our previous game, focused on our opponent’s strengths and tried to cope with them. We also knew about Everton weaknesses and used them. It doesn’t matter who scored. First of all it’s important that the team used chances. Besides we hade 12 players!

- Did you expect you would score five against Everton?

- We don’t count goals, we just play football. Our task is to feature with passion and dedication and use scoring chances.

* photo by A. Lukatskyi

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