Andriy Yarmolenko: “We need to focus on our defensive teamwork”

Andriy Yarmolenko: “We need to focus on our defensive teamwork”

Andriy Yarmolenko has commented upon FC Dynamo Kyiv away defeat against FC Chornomorets Odesa – 2:3:

- We knew the game would be tough, knew that Chornomorets play decent football. Probably we weren’t in our best shape as on Thursday we played for 120 minutes against Aris and had a long trip afterwards.

We made a lot of mistakes and didn’t use a lot of opportunities. When you don’t score, you concede. But that’s okay. This will teach us a lesson. Nothing’s over, the season is long. One should make proper conclusions both after victories and after defeats.

- The game against Aris was exhausting both physically and mentally. Did you lack emotions in the match against Chornomorets?

- Of course it’s tough emotionally when you play for 120 minutes and then have a penalty shootout. It’s hard to recondition after that, but what can we do? We must endure. I apologize to our fans for this failure. That happens in football. You need to go through that decently and move forward. Nothing horrible has happened.

- Were the conceded goals outcome of your mistakes?

- It’s hard to say about each goal. We need to analyze those episodes. Of course when you concede, that’s about your mistakes. We must do better in following games. I’m not just talking about defenders. We all need to focus on our defensive teamwork.

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