Anton Tsarenko: “We’re working to do as well as possible later”

Anton Tsarenko: “We’re working to do as well as possible later”

FC Dynamo Kyiv youngest player at the training camp, halfback Anton Tsarenko, has told about peculiarities of work with the first team.

- Anton, you’ve already played your second charity match. How do you feel being with the first team?

- I’d like to thank for giving me this chance, I’ll try to use it. Of course the youth and the first team are different levels. I’ll do my best to show what I can. Exercises are new to me, but that’s what progress is about.

- Whom do you look up to?

- To Mykola Shaparenko and Vitaliy Buialskyi.

- How did older teammates greet you?

- Very well. Everyone’s joking, the atmosphere is great. I really want to stay with the first team to play alongside such performers.

- Of course the final score isn’t a priority in friendlies. But still, do you think Dynamo didn’t manage to show what the team’s capable of in the match against Lausanne?

- I guess the thing is that we’re still reconditioning. Besides, the turf was artificial. But we’re working to do as well as possible later.

- What would you like to tell Ukrainians, who’re defending the country from russian invaders?

- I would like to thank everyone defending us. In our turn, we try to do the best we can on the football field.

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