Artem Shabanov: “I was very anxious before the decisive penalty”

Artem Shabanov: “I was very anxious before the decisive penalty”

- We’re happy we’ve won even though we did it on penalties. Anyway that’s the first Ukrainian Cup I’ve won and I hope not the last one. Now we’re going to be more positive getting ready for decisive UPL fixtures.

- Does this trophy make you feel more optimistic before the next season? Will the team be making headway?

- I think we will as each trophy is a positive impulse. I hope things will be getting better for us.

 - How important was the early opener by Vorskla?

- That happened because we were doing really bad early in the game. We were hasty and unconfident. After that goal we started doing better in terms of possession and equalized. We could score more, but failed. Anxiety was alive till the utmost. We were doing pretty good job, but things would have been easier if we didn’t concede.

- Was Dynamo goal cancelled fairly?

- They say the goal was okay. The referee decided not to check VAR although I don’t know why. That situation is really disputable.

- You’ve scored the decisive 9th penalty in the shootout… Were you anxious?

- Yes, I was. At first I was going to unleash a powerstrike, but then I changed my mind, decided to hit the corner, closed my eyes and did it (smiling).


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