Brown Ideye: We can rule Africa

Brown Ideye: We can rule Africa

In a chat with NationSport on Monday, the striker said the players are more determined now than when the competition started, adding that this was evident during the massive game against the star-studded Ivoirians on Sunday.

Ideye assured that the team is ready for Wednesday’s semi final match against Mali at the Moses Madiba Stadium in Durban.

“In the first place we knew there was need for us to redeem our image especially against the highly rated Ivoirians.

“With the victory against Ivory Coast, I think we are ready to rule Africa. Mali shouldn’t stop us. We are prepared for the battle, we also prepared for the victory because we all knew that success does not come easily and that is why we put everything into the match.”

“I am very proud of our attitude. We show great potentials, we’ve shown that we can cover more grounds. We also showed that we have much to prove and improve on. It was a pre- determined victory for us and we will keep pushing for greater glory,” he said.

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