World Soccer start internal review concerning improper article about FC Dynamo Kyiv

World Soccer start internal review concerning improper article about FC Dynamo Kyiv

According to the information spread by a number of Ukrainian media, in November 2021 issue, the British periodical World Soccer, which is a part of Kelsey Publishing Ltd. media holding, published the article stating that FC Dynamo Kyiv evade taxes. Among other things, the article contained misleading information about the salary of FC Dynamo Kyiv player Artem Besedin.

FC Dynamo Kyiv reacted to this blatant lie and addressed to the periodical with a demand to stop spreading false information and publish a retraction. We provided them documents which prove that facts in the article are fake.

In response, Kelsey Publishing Ltd. informed FC Dynamo Kyiv that they deleted the article from all online platforms selling the issue. The British media holding also informed us they started internal review through the incident.

We publish the e-mail from Kelsey Publishing Ltd.

Representatives of the World Soccer stated they’ll come back to us as soon as the investigation is over to inform about its findings.

We would like to thank the British periodical for reaction that is compliant with high journalistic standards in Britain. We’re convinced the investigation conducted by Kelsey Publishing Ltd. will prove that the abovementioned information is false.

We’ve already found out that the author of the article isn’t a British journalist, but former FC Dynamo Kyiv employee Oleh Zadernovskyi, who was fired in 2017. He was vainly trying to get his position back for quite a while and now has a new hobby – spreading designedly misleading information about FC Dynamo Kyiv on all possible platforms.

We’d also like to address to Ukrainian media, who spread “sensational British investigation” by the fired employee of our club. Please, stick to international journalistic standards and refute false information in a way it was spread. One should always check facts even if a source looks reliable. We emphasize that FC Dynamo Kyiv are open for communication. We’re ready to provide any kind of information for independent investigations if necessary.

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