Denys Antiukh: “Match is always a feast”

Denys Antiukh: “Match is always a feast”

FC Dynamo Kyiv halfback Denys Antiukh has shared his impressions of preparations for the season restart.

- Dynamo start another training camp with lopsided win. Is that about days off you’ve had or about difference in teams’ level?

­- Of course days off have had certain effect. We had some rest and spent time with families. We don’t focus on our opponents. We just try to do what coach tells us to in every game.

- Do you have detailed analysis of every game?

- We watch videos at theory classes, analyze our actions, coach points our mistakes out. But we don’t do that after every game. Sometimes coach explains us certain aspects at training sessions.

- Does Mircea Lucescu explain each player what kind of mistakes he makes?

- Yes, he tells what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Coach always knows what to praise or criticize us for.

- The competition in your position is fierce. How do you deal with it?

­- Everyone knows Dynamo are outstanding club and brand. There’s competition in every position here. I try to do the best I can at every training session and in every game.

- Dynamo won’t feature in euro cups this season any more. How will the training routine change in this regard? Does this mean you’ll have more time to get ready for every game?

- I guess so. Maybe we’ll have a day off after every game, so the schedule won’t be too intense.

- Dynamo finished the first part of the season in the second place of the UPL table. Have you discussed that inside the team?

- Mister told us it’s not okay to be second. We always aim to win. Now we need to change the situation.

- Do you like playing a lot of friendlies at the training camp? Which game was the best one for you?

- Of course it’s better to play than to practice all the time. Match is always a feast. I can’t pick one specific game, but it’s good we haven’t lost a single one. That boosts confidence.

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