Denys Boiko: “I like games with a lot of chances, when goalkeeper is constantly in play”

Denys Boiko: “I like games with a lot of chances, when goalkeeper is constantly in play”

- Denys, how are you getting ready for continuation of the season?

- I really want to get back to normal training process and to keep playing. This break is too long. It’s tough. As for fitness, we’re in touch with our doctor and coaches. We have individual sessions at the training complex. We try to stay fit.

- Does goalkeepers’ training program differ from other players’ during the quarantine?

- At first it was the same. Out physical trainer was sending it to our team chat. Now it’s a bit different. Goalkeepers have some peculiar work. Still we also do jogging and coaches’ tasks.

- What kind of matches do you enjoy – those when you have a lot of work or those when opponents’ forwards can’t approach your goal?

- Of course I wish there were more matches when we win easily, but actually I like games with a lot of chances, when goalkeeper is constantly in play

- What’s the secret of dealing with penalties?

- There’s no secret. Every goalkeeper must get ready for games. In Dynamo we have a research team. They give us all the necessary information. Besides our goalkeeper coach Mykhailo Mykhailov wants us to perform certain actions when opponents take penalties.

- Which striker was the most difficult to oppose?

- To me that was Higuain. He’s very unpredictable and finds chances in really difficult situations. When Dnipro opposed Napoli in the Europa League semifinals, he was often able to shoot or pass to his teammates.

- Who are top 3 goalkeepers today?

- Nowadays it’s vital for a keeper to play with his feet too, so I’d name ter Stegen, Alisson and Ederson.

- Is it okay for you that today goalkeepers are expected to be good at passing to their teammates?

- Football is moving forward constantly. There were times when keepers could handle the ball after passes from teammates. Now this rune is gone.

- You used to play for several foreign teams. What are the peculiarities of goalkeepers’ work in Ukraine, Turkey and Spain?

- First of all I’d like to say that Mykhailo Mykhailov is a goalkeeping path-breaker in Ukraine. He has his own system and vision.

In Besiktas I worked with Spanish coaches at first and then there was Marjan Mrmic, who also worked for Croatia national team. Spanish coaches are about modeling games situations and work on reaction. Marjan had a bit different view.

Anyway, I’m thankful to all coaches I worked with. They’ve all taught me something.

- What’s your favourite dish? Which players are you friends with?

- I’m friends with Harmash and Sydorchuk. As for food, my wife cooks incredibly. As for me, I’m not a fan of cooking.

- Whom do you share the room with at the training complex and during training camps?

- With Vitaliy Mykolenko. Sometimes he even switches my internet off as he needs to play Counter-Strike. I don’t play computer games a lot, but youngsters gather teams and even have competitions.

We have good relationship. Mykolenko is a good and humble guy, but not always. Sometimes I have to bring him down a peg (smiling).

- What are your favourite movies?

- I can suggest you to watch the series called “Trigger”. It’s a very good one. As for movies, I like those based on true stories. I look for films my whole family will enjoy.

- Are you going to write your autobiography after you finish your career?

- Sometimes I think of that. Maybe I’ll do it! I’m not totally sure, but I have things to tell about.

- Which way to the Champions League group stage is simpler – to win the domestic league or to go through the qualification? Or maybe, at this stage, when there are a lot of young players in Dynamo, it’s better for the team to gain experience in the Europa League?

- Every season Dynamo aim to win the league, national cup and Super Cup. This club has never had less ambitious goals. As for your question, of course it’s better to qualify for the Champions league by winning the domestic league. On the other hand, reaching the Champions League and being “whipping boys” there… Of course it’s good for the club to reach the group stage considering financial benefits. But I don’t want to lose all six games. We must be realist. As for me, today we aren’t ready for that. Probably it’s really better to gain more experience in the Europa League.

But still I really want to perform in the Champions League and I’ll do my best for that.

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