Denys Boiko: “Lucescu said: ‘The Cup is yours’”

Denys Boiko: “Lucescu said: ‘The Cup is yours’”

- I think the whole team did a good job. We analyzed football Zoria demonstrate and were ready for it. As for me, we’ve coped with our task perfectly.

- Considering that you featured in previous Cup rounds, it probably wasn’t unexpected that you took the field today?

- Before the game against Kolos, Mircea Lucescu told me: “The Cup is yours”. He meant I would play every game in this competition. So, I knew I would have a chance.

- Dynamo couldn’t score for quite a while. Did you think of the penalty shootout?

- I tried not to think of that and to stay focused. But, frankly speaking, after Tsyhankov didn’t score from the spot, I recalled 2012 Champions League final: Bayern were 1:0 in front, didn’t score penalty, Chelsea equalized and won the shootout. Fortunately we’ve won.

- Why didn’t Tsyhankov score from the spot?

- Nikola Vasilj did a great job today. I didn’t want Tsyhankov to aim at that corner. Opponents watch our games and analyze the way he shoots. Anyway, as I’ve said, fortunately we’ve succeeded. That’s what matters.

- What was the key to three trophies this season?

- Our new coach. People, who know stuff about football, can see it.

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