Dynamo gather in Lviv

Dynamo gather in Lviv

On September 30, FC Dynamo Kyiv had the first training session after the international break, with the participation of whole lineup.

Beside Denys Popov, Vladyslav Kulach and Ruslan Neshcheret, who stepped back into ranks, Dynamo foreigners Tomasz Kedziora and Kaheem Parris came back. It took the Polish defender 12 hours to get back to Ukraine and he came just half an hour before the session, but still refused to have rest. Parris spent the whole night on the plane, so didn’t participate in training process this time.

Both Kaheem Parris and another newcomer Justin Lonwijk have been greeted by the team warmly.

Guys, who’ve recovered from injuries, are also gaining momentum, including the forward Vladyslav Kulach.

The training session consisted of several parts. It started with scamper and warm-up. Then players did different exercises under the charge of physical trainer Vitaliy Kulyba. After that Kyivans practiced possession, worked on reaction, skills and speed.

Later there were tactics exercises and set pieces practice.