Dynamo – Bayern: post-match press conference of Mircea Lucescu and Illia Shkurin

Dynamo – Bayern: post-match press conference of Mircea Lucescu and Illia Shkurin

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Mircea Lucescu and forward Illia Shkurin answered journalists’ questions after the Champions League group stage matchday 5 game against FC Bayern Munich (1:2).

- How important is the first goal Dynamo scored in the Champions League this season?

­- We could score before – when opposing Barcelona twice or Benfica – but unfortunately we didn’t. We played toe-to-toe in those games and could achieve more. As for the match in Munich, that unfortunate penalty unbalanced us.

Today I asked guys to play with dedication and confidence, so that they could leave the field with their heads held high. The goal we scored is important, but, as I’ve said, we could do it in previous games.

- Was the snow a problem or maybe it helped you in a way?

- I don’t think the field was a problem for anyone. We’re professionals, so weather doesn’t matter to us. Today we faced the team that has been dominating in the Bundesliga and on European arena for years. Bayern have very good performers. You saw how Lewandowski scored today. So, I don’t think the field was a problem.


- A question to Illia Shkurin: what was your task for this game?

- The task was to score and win. This was our common aim. As for me, I had to benefit the team as much as possible.

- Mister, what are the major differences between this match and the one you played in Munich?

- As I’ve said, we were doing pretty well in Munich until that penalty referee awarded too easily. We had some good counterattacks in the first half. Then Andriyevskyi made a mistake due to the lack of experience. Such opponents as Bayern don’t forgive that. After the break we did worse.

Anyway, I disregarded goals we conceded and focused on positive aspects. I showed that to guys when we were getting ready for today’s game. Today we played better than in Munich. There should have been a penalty for the foul against Buialskyi. If we opened the score, the situation would be different. But generally we performed much more confidently and courageously than in Munich.

Positive side of such games is progress of the team. Guys get more confident. They feel they can turn their talent and dedication into positive results. This progress is obvious. We played toe-to-toe against Benfica and Barcelona while Bayern flattened them.

Referees always have special attitude to top clubs. They defend them. Today we made sure that’s true again. We didn’t deserve to lose. 

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