Dynamo in Spain: strength exercises at modern gym

Dynamo in Spain: strength exercises at modern gym

It was raining at night in Marbella and when Kyivans woke up in the morning at Gran Melia Don Pepe they saw strong wing almost ripping palm branches off.

When the team came to Marbella football center, there was no rain and even the sun appeared from behind the clouds, but of course players were okay with the plan of doing strength exercises at the gym.

By the way, this gym was opened at Marbella football center just recently. It’s equipped with all the necessary stuff for different kinds of training sessions.

For example there’s a racetrack, where one must run with a special rope holding him back.

Physical trainer demonstrated how each exercise needs to be done correctly before players got to it.

The gym is quite big. When Kyivans came, there was another team working out, but that wasn’t uncomfortable for anyone at all.

After the warm-up and stretching the team was divided into several groups to do exercises in turns.

The session was quite long and after it was over several players had a kind of challenge. The task was to jump on and stand up on a barrier 135 cm tall. Only goalkeepers Denys Boiko and Heorhiy Bushchan did it easily. Fran Sol also succeeded once.

On February 2 at 17:00 (Kyiv time) Dynamo will play the friendly against PFC CSKA Sofia. You can watch the game live on our YouTube channel.

More videos and photos of the training day you can find on Dynamo Instagram page.

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