Emil Caras: “We must be ready for any scenario and opponent”

Emil Caras: “We must be ready for any scenario and opponent”

FC Dynamo Kyiv assistant coach Emil Caras has told about preparations for the match against FC Lviv.

- How do internationals feel now that they’ve rejoined the club?

- These days their reconditioning is our priority. Today, at the training session, we made sure our performers don’t have fitness issues. They’re motivated and want to play.

- How did the team work while internationals were away?

- Frankly speaking, it wasn’t easy to work when we had 9-10 players left. We invited some youth team performers, but still had 12-14 players. Anyway, there were certain running exercises and work with the ball.

According to Mister, it was a good chance for those, who didn’t join national teams, to show what they can.

- What do you expect of the game against FC Lviv?

- Tomorrow Mister will tell what players are supposed to do on Saturday. We haven’t analyzed FC Lviv yet as many players were away.

Of course we’re in for tough match against orderly team that will be motivated to deprive us of points, but we must be ready for any scenario and opponent.

- Internationals say that Arena Lviv turf isn’t really good… Will that be a problem?

- Yes, guys say the field is tough, but Dynamo players must be able to get accustomed to any situation, demonstrate spectacular football and win.

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