Emil Caras: “We don’t focus on opponents in these games”

Emil Caras: “We don’t focus on opponents in these games”

FC Dynamo Kyiv assistant coach Emil Caras has summarized two first friendlies at the training camp of the team in Spain.

- There were some Dynamo supporters at the stadium today. Isn’t it nice?

- It is. It’s quite common in the West that fans come to training camps. It’s very nice that people came and supported us. Thus players feel they feature not only for themselves, but for fans too.

- What do you think of two first friendlies in 2022?

- Mister will summarize those. We should keep working as this is a training camp. Guys have had two games in a row which is tough. Mister sets certain tasks before every game. Then we make adjustments if necessary. We’re moving forward. There’s still stuff to work at.

- How are youngsters doing?

- Everyone has a chance. They all work with dedication. They’re doing their best. If they keep this up, they can make it into the first team.

- Do you lay emphasis on attacking actions when opposing underdogs?

- Basically we don’t focus on opponents in these games. Players must fulfill certain tasks coach gives them. No matter whom we oppose, we must dominate on the field and maintain possession.

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