Yevhen KHACHERIDI: “Coach asked me to follow Lewandowski”

Yevhen KHACHERIDI: “Coach asked me to follow Lewandowski”

- Did you expect that your team would defeat Poland in Warsaw in such a manner?

- We realized that this game would be difficult. But we did our best and won.

- Did Ukraine really play so much better than Poland or maybe your opponents underestimated you?

- I don’t think Poland could underestimate us. We just did what the head coach asked us to. I think that the outcome is logical.

- What did Fomenko tell after the first half?

- He asked us to keep playing the way we did in the first half. After the break we also had several goal scoring opportunities. Eventually we won and that’s what matters first of all. Now we are leaving for Odessa in a good mood.

- Did you have a task to follow some of your opponents in particular?

- Actually no, but of course coach asked me to follow Lewandowski. We knew that he is a top-level striker. But I think we didn’t let him do anything today.

- Won’t it be difficult to find motivation to play against Moldova after such win?

- No, we know that points are vital for us. So we’ll play against Moldova as we did against Poland.

- What moment of the match was especially difficult?

- It’s not easy to choose one…Of course it was really dangerous when Poland could score from one on one situation as the score was 3:1, but fortunately Piatov cleared the ball off.

- How did the national team change under Fomenko?

- It’s too early to make some conclusions. In general nothing special has changed. Playing against Poland we realized that win is our only chance to resume the struggle for the World Cup qualification. And now we have quite good chances to achieve our aim! We’ll try to win every future game.

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