Heorhiy Bushchan: “Weather, field and all the rest is great”

Heorhiy Bushchan: “Weather, field and all the rest is great”

FC Dynamo Kyiv goalkeeper Heorhiy Bushchan has told club media about the training camp in Spain.

- What do you think of the training process?

- Everything is fine. Weather, field and all the rest is great. We’re getting ready for the second part of the season with smiles on our faces.

- Are you ready for the third friendly?

- Sure, we are. Thus we get ready for the season.

- Goalkeepers worked with the rest of the team quite a lot today. Do you like such exercises?

- I do! In such a way we practice playing with our feet which is very important. Besides we also enjoy scoring. Today I hit the target, so I like this kind of sessions (smiling).

- This is the first time Dynamo will have three training camps. Are you ready for that?

- Generally training camps will last 30 days. There’s nothing new about it. I think we’re ready physically and mentally.

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