Heorhiy Bushchan: “We’ve got great experience”

Heorhiy Bushchan: “We’ve got great experience”

- Do you feel like a hero of Ukraine? You’ve performed so many saves for the national team and Dynamo…

- I don’t. Things happen. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. This is my job and I try to do it properly.

- What are your emotions after the Champions League debut?

- These are positive emotions. The final score is disappointing, but we’ve demonstrated decent football. That’s a great experience.

- Are you upset Ronaldo was absent?

- I’m not, Buffon was here (smiling). Juventus are not only about Ronaldo. They’re outstanding team. It’s very prestigious to oppose such clubs.

- Have you talked to Buffon?

- I have. We wished each other good luck.

- What can you tell our supporters?

- I’d like to thank them for support. Even though we lost they applauded us.

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