Hryhoriy SURKIS: “Dynamo are not for sale!”

Hryhoriy SURKIS: “Dynamo are not for sale!”

- It’s been 16 years already, but I still can’t believe we’ve lost such person and coach as Valeriy Lobanovskyi. We miss him a lot.

- Have you ever compared your achievements with achievements of Lobanovskyi?

- We have different jobs: he was a coach while I’m a functionary. Such comparison is inappropriate as I think that no one in the former Soviet Union, modern Ukraine and maybe in the whole world has overcome achievements of this coach. Such famous football people as Lippi, Capello and Sacchi used to say they learned a lot from Valeriy Lobanovskyi.

- Some say Ihor Surkis hasn’t been financing Dynamo for two years already. There are rumors concerning Yaroslavskyi and some Chinese. What can you tell about that?

- There’s nothing to disprove. If you ask players, coaches and club stuff, you’ll find out that there’s no even slightest backdated wages. As for Yaroslavskyi, Chinese of someone else, who may want to buy Dynamo, there’s nothing to discuss as Dynamo are not for sale! This club means a lot to my brother. He loves this team. Of course there are such circumstances like war that is still on in our country. Many foreign players don’t want to come to Ukraine and those, who are already here, leave. Did Bernard have a poor contract in FC Shakhtar Donetsk? Still he’s not going to come back. They say Fred is also leaving Shakhtar, Ferreyra doesn’t want to prolong his contract, the situation concerning head coach isn’t clear. I’m not saying Shakhtar can’t make these people stay, but they can’t hold players as hostages. We’re not the only club that has faced some problems.

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