Ihor Surkis: “We have a room for improvement”

Ihor Surkis: “We have a room for improvement”

FC Dynamo Kyiv president Ihor Surkis has commented upon the Champions League home game against FC Bayern Munich for match broadcaster Megogo.

- Dynamo shouldn’t be embarrassed for their football today. What emotions did you experience watching the game?

- These are emotions I experience at every Dynamo match, no matter which competition it is. I think we looked decently today, but there’re certain factors that intervene into football and help top teams. I agree with our coach. If you don’t award penalties in such episodes (foul against Buialskyi in the first half), then I don’t know what a penalty should be awarded for. Buialskyi’s ankle was hurt badly.

Basically we played well, but unfortunately didn’t get positive outcome. Good play will be forgotten. Only final score is remembered. That’s why we have a room for improvement. I hope this will be a great experience for our team. If we make it into the Champions League next season and get some enforcement, we won’t be whipping boys.

- Your team is making headway throughout the competition. Even opposing Bayern players looked decently.

- We’re doing very well in terms of fitness. Besides, Mister prepared the team tactically. We knew Bayern strengths and weaknesses. We had a lot of chances, but didn’t score. If you don’t score, you don’t win. Today I’m satisfied with our football quality first of all.

- Do you think Lewandowski will win the Ballon d’Or this season?

- He’s one of the best players in the world. He demonstrates outstanding football.

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