Ihor Surkis: “There will be enforcement”

Ihor Surkis: “There will be enforcement”

FC Dynamo Kyiv president Ihor Surkis has told FootballHub about the return of Mircea Lucescu, Champions League drawing, lopsided win against FC Kolos Kovalivka and transfer campaign of our club.

- It looks like the win against Kolos was simple…

- As Mister has said, we’ve demonstrated what we worked on the whole week. We took the game seriously. There were ructions after the match against Inhulets. After that we did a very good job against Desna. Today we were also doing really well in the first half. Of course after the break players relaxed a bit. European teams won’t forgive gaps between lines we had. Mister has mentioned that.

- It seems that Dynamo with Lucescu and Dynamo without Lucescu are different teams…

- Without Lucescu we lost against Kolos 0:2 last year and were lucky to finish second in the league table. The difference is huge. We’ve got totally new team that knows what to do on the field.

Fortunately Mister is back after long absence. No one expected that, but he’s spent 24 days at the hospital.

- What do you think of Dynamo chances in the Champions League?

- We’ve got very tough group, so we must do the best we can in every game. We can win or lose, but there must be dedication. I think we can earn some points.

That’s incredible experience as we’ll feature against top teams. Thus players will be making headway. You can beat any opponent if you have dedication and will to win.

- Transfer window is still open. They say you can sign Vitinho. What can you tell about that?

- Wait for news. There will be enforcement.

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