Ihor Surkis: “It was a tough decision to let Serhiy Sydorchuk go”

Ihor Surkis: “It was a tough decision to let Serhiy Sydorchuk go”

FC Dynamo Kyiv president Ihor Surkis has commented upon the 2:0 win against FC Vorskla Poltava and answered some questions:

- Guys did a good job. We had a long international break, so well done, but players must continue their progress. We must use scoring chances we have.

- Serhiy Sydorchuk has left the club. How difficult was it for you to let him go?

- It was a really tough decision. I discussed that with Mircea Lucescu and Andriy Yarmolenko. Serhiy deserves this chance as he’s done a lot for Dynamo. It wasn’t about money. He has four little children. I wish him all the best. He can return to Dynamo as he was really loyal.

- Is Andriy Yarmolenko already being involved into management issues through such conversations?

- He’s the team leader, so I wanted to hear his opinion. When joining Dynamo, he said he really wanted certain guys to stay, so I called him. Sydorchuk wanted to try his hand in another European league. As I’ve said, he deserves that.

- Now the team will be mostly staying in Kyiv which implies less logistics issues. Does this mean Dynamo goal is to win the league?

- Early in the war we played a lot of friendlies, so last season was tough. We played 18 games in different locations. But if players work properly we can fight for the first place. Unfortunately, our league las lost some quality. We lack spectacular foreign players.

For instance, today we had only Ukrainians in the starting lineup. The team maintains progress when you have impressive players youngsters can look up to. While we have mostly young performers. These guys need to understand that today they have a chance to secure the first team spot and play for a decade like Sydorchuk did.

War will definitely end with our victory and we’ll be rebuilding our football, foreigners will be playing here, I understand that. But while we’re going through this rough period guys need to secure their right to play.

- Dynamo team will perform in the U19 league. Is this the chance for academy trainees to get more game practice?

- We have a lot of trainees, but all of them can’t play at the same time. I hope next season we’ll have the U21 league. Guys need the game practice. Ukraine head coach Serhiy Rebrov agrees.

For example, today we have two goalkeepers. They can’t play concurrently. We’re in for a tough away game and the Ukrainian Cup tie. They need to be in shape. Some players are anxious at first when they reach this level. But if they have regular practice, it’s all going to be okay.

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