Ihor Surkis: “It was a real Ukrainian Cup quarterfinal”

Ihor Surkis: “It was a real Ukrainian Cup quarterfinal”

- How nervous were you?

- That’s the kind of football one wants to see: pressure, adrenalin, decent opponent. What matters is that we’ve succeeded. Now we’re moving on.

- Was it interesting to you to follow this game?

­- The national cup was the only chance for Kolos to qualify for euro cups. The game was really interesting, both sides could score in the first half. I think we’ve won deservedly.

- What’s the atmosphere in the locker-room like? What did you tell players?

- There’s no extraordinary joy as we’ve just reached the semifinal. But of course I’ve congratulated the team. It was a real Ukrainian Cup quarterfinal.

- What do you think of your next Europa League opponent?

- Villarreal are very good team. I watched their game against Atletico Madrid and they totally could win it. Madrid side keeper did fabulous job. Anyway, as we know, chances are always equal before the match.

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