Illia Zabarnyi: “Every game is important and beneficial in a way”

Illia Zabarnyi: “Every game is important and beneficial in a way”

FC Dynamo Kyiv centre back Illia Zabarnyi, who skipped the first winter training camp due to COVID-19, has told how he feels.

- Were you upset to find out you wouldn’t go the first training camp? How did you deal with the virus?

- When they called me and told I was tested positive, I went home right away. I was sick for six days, but actually felt sick only the first day. I had fever.

In eight days I was tested negative and started training. I watched every game and really wanted to join the team. Unfortunately I skipped the first training camp, but now I’m fine.

- How were you keeping fit?

- I worked with rehabilitation therapist together with Illia Shkurin and Olexandr Karavayev.

- The second training camp started with friendlies. How difficult is that for you?

­- It’s not easy, but I feel fine. I don’t really lack behind my teammates. Training camps are always tough. We need to keep working. We play a lot of friendlies which is interesting.

- Two recent friendlies were totally different. The first one was rich on goals and intrigue while the second one was mostly about scrimmage. Which one was more beneficial?

- Every game is important and beneficial in a way. Levski were more aggressive. They didn’t just kick the ball forward. When not in possession, they tried not to give us space.

We play feeling fatigue while our opponents have already reconditioned, so they can restart the season. Anyway, we have stuff to think about.

- Do you like training in Turkey? Doesn’t rain bother you?

- That’s okay. We were training here last season too. The turf is of really good quality. Besides, we’re the only team working on this field. The hotel is also great.

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