Kaheem Parris: “I’ll definitely learn Ukrainian”

Kaheem Parris: “I’ll definitely learn Ukrainian”

After the game against FC Mynai, FC Dynamo Kyiv newcomer Kaheem Parris told about his debut and the first month with the team:

- How do you feel about your debut?

- Fantastic feelings! There’s nothing better for a player than his first match for such a great club. Now I need to keep working hard.

- You’ve played for 15 minutes. Is it possible to demonstrate your best qualities having so little time?

- It is, but these were just my first minutes. I’m sure I’ll have enough time to demonstrate what I can.

- You’ve already visited Lviv and Uzhhorod. Do you like these cities?

- They’re really beautiful. We didn’t have much time to enjoy architecture, but I’ve noticed you have very nice smiling people even though times are horrible.

- How was your first month with the team?

- Guys greeted me really warmly. I feel good.

- Whom do you communicate the most with?

- With all guys who speak English. Mostly I spend time with Lonwijk. We’re roommates. Together it’s easier to get accustomed to the new team. But, as I’ve said, I communicate with many guys. We have a fantastic team.

- When will you start speaking Ukrainian?

- Soon. So far I don’t understand it, but I’ll totally learn Ukrainian. I already know a couple of words like “dobryi vechir” (smiling).

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