Kostiantyn Vivcharenko: “The most memorable one is away game against Bayern”

Kostiantyn Vivcharenko: “The most memorable one is away game against Bayern”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Kostiantyn Vivcharenko has shared his impressions of the training camp with the first team and recalled the UEFA Youth League group stage.

- At the afternoon session Mircea Lucescu offered players interesting exercise including rugby, handball and other elements. Did you like it?

- Everyone did. That was a very positive experience which also helped us to warm up.

- Which kind of sports did you like the most?

- Rugby was definitely the toughest one. The most fun was the exercise when we carried each other on our backs. That was funny, but difficult.

- What are the first days of the training camp like? Are you tired?

- These first days are really tough. We have two sessions a day, so the exercise load is significant. Well, that’s what training camps are about. We must regain fitness.

- Are you looking forward to friendlies?

- Sure, everyone wants to play. We missed that.

- You’ve already had training camps with the first team. Don’t you think it’s a new chance, considering that the position of left back is vacant and competition starts from scratch?

- I always do my best to show what I’m capable of. Now that Vitaliy Mykolenko has left this position is vacant and the best one will take it.

- You also have unfinished business with Dynamo U19 – UEFA Youth League playoffs. Will you feature against Deportivo?

- I don’t know yet. I guess I will. It’s always great to perform in euro cups. Besides, we’re the only Ukrainian team left on European arena. If they tell me to play, I’ll be happy to do it.

- Which group stage game is the most memorable to you?

- They were all special, but the most memorable one is the away game against Bayern we won 4:0.

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