Kostiantyn Vivcharenko answers fans’ questions: highlights

Kostiantyn Vivcharenko answers fans’ questions: highlights

A stream has been held on ВДИНАМО YouTube channel, where FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Kostiantyn Vivcharenko had a chat with fans.

A text fragment of the conversation is for your attention:

- When did you start playing football? Was this your hobby at first or your conscious choice?

- A hobby, I guess. At first I was doing swimming. When going to the practice I watched guys play football. Mom said I should also try. That’s how it started, but I didn’t think I would reach this level.

- Did they ever punish you for bad marks using football?

- Sure. My mom was quite strict. When I had bad marks, I wasn’t allowed to the practice. But mostly my marks were good.

- Is this true that early in your career you could join Dynamo, Shakhtar, Dnipro and even foreign clubs?

- It’s only true regarding Dynamo and Shakhtar. The first offer came from Shakhtar. I played for the team of guys a year older than myself. In May they called my mom and invited me to the week-long trial. But I had I feeling I’d better stay in Odesa. A month later they called us from Dynamo and said they would take me with no trial. We decided I should go to Kyiv. It was in 2016, I was 13.

- Can you name three Dynamo players that used to have squad number 2?

- Sure. Oleh Luzhnyi, Danilo Silva, Oleksandr Khatskevych.

- They say you like tennis…

- I do. I mean I like playing, not watching. Speaking about foreign players, I like Roger Federer, as for Ukrainian – Elina Svitolina.

- We know you’re found of Ukrainian history. Who’s the most outstanding person in our history for you?

- I guess, Taras Shevchenko. Though I can’t say I read a lot of his works when a kid.

- Our national teams are going to have quite a summer. Where would you like to go – Euro or Olympics?

- Both competitions are very important and Ukraine must do a good job. Euro starts first and of course I really want to go there with the national team.

- As the full-scale invasion continues, foreign players mostly don’t want to come here. Is this good or bad for our football?

- It’s good for us, young players. It was extremely difficult to make it into the first team before due to lots of foreign players. Now it’s quite possible to prove you deserve playing for Dynamo first team.

- What do you think of your competitor Vladyslav Dubinchak?

- It’s great when you have competition on the team. Both Vladyslav and I work to benefit the team.

- Recently you spent a few days at the national team camp. What was that like?

- I was very emotional. Incredible experience. The atmosphere was great. I want to come back.

- What was it like taking the field for Dynamo for the first time?

- That was a game against Fenerbahce. I made a substitute appearance. Those were very important 15 minutes. Of course I was nervous. We played in that huge stadium. I was still emotional for a couple of days afterwards.

- What has Oleksandr Shovkovskyi changed in the team?

- I guess he’s given us confidence.

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