Kryvbas – Dynamo: Ref appointments

Kryvbas – Dynamo: Ref appointments

Yuriy Grysyo from Lviv has been appointed to take charge of Sunday’s league match between FC Kryvbas (Kryvyi Rih) and FC Dynamo (Kyiv). Born on 15 July 1974, Yuriy began refereeing in 1995, making his debut in the top division of the Ukrainian league in 2008.

The 34-year-old will be joined by assistant referees Serhiy Voznyak and Ihor Ponomarenko (both from Mykolaiv), with Andriy Lysakivskyy (Odesa) acting as the fourth official.

Mykola Zheleznyy from Sumy region and Volodymyr Tukhovskyy from Simferopol will act as FFU delegate and inspector, respectively.

The Ukrainian Premier League Week 24 match Kryvbas vs. Dynamo will be played at the Metalurh stadium in Kryvyi Rih, kicking-off at 16.00.

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