Maxym Diachuk: “One should be totally focused in every game”

Maxym Diachuk: “One should be totally focused in every game”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Maxym Diachuk has commented upon the game against FC Veres Rivne.

- This is Dynamo third lopsided win in a row. Isn’t it a shame that the team gained momentum only when competitors are far ahead?

- Of course it is. This season we didn’t reach the goals we had. Coaches say we’re already getting ready for the next season in a way. Next season we have to demonstrate what we’re capable of.

- You were the first team regular in the second part of the season. Do you have mutual understanding with teammates?

- It’s always hard at first when you join the new team, but gradually I get more experienced and start understanding my teammates better.

- Veres played defensively today. Is it difficult to maintain focus in such games? Are such matches harder than those when you have a lot of work?

- It’s hard to say, every match is different. We always feel the pressure and responsibility. One should be totally focused in every game.

- Dynamo took the lead early in the second half. What was the key to success?

- Coaches pointed our mistakes out after the first half. We did what they told us to and succeeded.

- Anyway, things could turn out differently. Was the penalty parried by Bushchan the crucial episode?

- Sure, we congratulated him after the game. I applaud to him as he corrected our defensive mistake.

- Did you congratulate Denys Harmash in his goal? He scored quite a lot last season.

- Denys has spent so many years with the team and has such incredible experience. He’s a true maestro on the field. It’s great to work alongside him.

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