Matvii Ponomarenko: “Nervousness goes away as I touch the ball”

Matvii Ponomarenko: “Nervousness goes away as I touch the ball”

The White-Blues’ forward Matvii Ponomarenko has told the club press service about his shape before the Euro, competition with Vladyslav Vanat, transfer rumor and the nickname he’s got from Andrii Yarmolenko, Vitalii Buialskyi and Oleksandr Karavayev.

- This summer the youth Euro-2024 will take place. What do you expect of that?

- I need to reach my best shape and do the best I can at every session and whenever I have a chance to play. So far I can gain experience with U19 team. Hard work pays off anyway.

- Your competitor for the starting spot is the UPL leading goalscorer. How’re you going to win the competition?

- Everything’s possible, I just need to keep working, but of course Vanat is a good forward, who scores a lot.

- Are you nervous when you take the field for the first team?

- Frankly speaking I am, but nervousness goes away as I touch the ball a few times.

- There’s been a lot of rumors about you lately, even memes about you and Sevilla. What do you think of that?

- I don’t even read that kind of stuff. It’s just that boys are joking around about Sevilla. I don’t pay attention to that. I have my goals I’m moving towards.

- Have you got the nickname of “Sevilla”?

- Some guys are joking about it.

- Who?

- Yarmolenko, Buialskyi, Karavayev.

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