Mykyta Burda: “My day starts and ends with reading news about war”

Mykyta Burda: “My day starts and ends with reading news about war”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Mykyta Burda has shared his impressions of the charity tour, commented upon his return after injury and told how his family is doing in the light of war in Ukraine:

- What are your impressions of the European charity tour?

- They’re really good as we play against decent teams. Besides we have an opportunity to help Ukraine. We raise funds aimed at needs of people suffering from war. Of course I wish things were fine and we didn’t have to play such games. I wish there was peace and we could continue domestic league.

- What do these games feel like? Like official ones, euro cups or maybe friendlies?

- No matter what the game is, we always aim at the maximum. We treat every match responsibly.

- What does Mircea Lucescu demand from the team in these matches?

- He wants us to do our best, to win and demonstrate decent football, like in official games.

- How do they host you in different cities, at different stadiums? What kind of support words have four heard from foreigners, players?

- No matter where we come, fans and players greet us warmly. Opponents come up to us, ask about the situation in our country. Everyone cares about our people and tries to help.

- Do you communicate with Ukrainians, who had to leave the country?

- Sure. We meet them to have a chat when we visit refugees’ centers. Many people are abroad these days, we’re also in different country and we miss them. That’s why we’re happy to talk to them, hear their stories and support them.

- You were born in Yenakiyeve, Donetsk region. Do you still have family or friends there?

- Actually there’s no one I keep closely in touch with.

- Where’s your family now?

- Mom returned to Kyiv recently. Some of my friends are also in the capital.

- What was the first thing you did as the war broke off?

­- Like everyone else, I woke up at 4.30 in the morning as I heard explosions. I started calling my family and friends to find out how they were doing.

- Do you spend much time reading the news?

- My day starts and ends with reading news about war. Of course sometimes I give myself a break as there’s a lot of tough information. But mostly I follow what’s going on.

- Did you get in touch with volunteers or military?

- Yes, sure. I got in touch with people doing volunteering work to help them.

- In October you came back after one-year break, then featured for the youth team and had winter training camp with the first squad. Are you back to the level you were on before?

- I guess I’m not so far. Hopefully that will happen soon. The injury was really bad and I missed a lot. But it’s great I can practice with the team, with good players. I make a step forward every day. I’m glad I can play football as there was a chance I actually could finish my career.

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