Mykyta Burda: “I work with Serhiy Sydorchuk”

Mykyta Burda: “I work with Serhiy Sydorchuk”

- I do what other guys do – stay at home and work individually. I also do jogging at Holosiyevo park with Serhiy Sydorchuk. It’s a nice place which is not crowded. I also spend time with parents, watch movies and just have rest. Just like Artem Shabanov, I play Counter-Strike. We’re on the same team.

- When did you get your pet Bonnie?

- Three years ago. My girlfriend and I decided to get a Yorkie as they have hair instead of wool. Besides, they don’t have specific smell.

Bonnie is very playful and enjoys spending time with everyone who’s at home. Bonnie’s favourite toy is a ball. It likes to bring it. When it was small, sometimes Bonnie nibbled stuff, but then stopped.

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