Mykola Shaparenko: efficient season

Mykola Shaparenko: efficient season

FC Dynamo Kyiv 23-year-old midfielder Mykola Shaparenko is having quite efficient season. After the first part of the football year, he’s one of the leading performers of our team.

In the first half of 2021/22 season Mykola got three goals (against Kolos, Mynai and Mariupol) and five assists to his name. Thus Shaparenko is one of two Dynamo leading assistants alongside Illia Shkurin.

To reach his personal effectiveness record, Mykola needs four goals or assists in the second part of the season. So far his best season is 2018/2019 as he got 8 goals and 3 assists in official competitions to his name.

Results of Mykola Shaparenko in Dynamo:

2021/22 (first part) – 3+5

2020/21 – 5+4

2019/20 – 1+0

2018/19 – 8+3

2017/18 – 1+2