Mykola Shaparenko: “We must aim to win”

Mykola Shaparenko: “We must aim to win”

- What will be the key aspect of the game? Have Ferencvarosi changed since the last time you faced this team?

- The final score will be above all. We must do our best to feature in euro cups in spring. As for whether Ferencvarosi have changed, we’ll see at the theory class today.

- Do you feel nervous?

- We believe in ourselves and in what we do on the field. We must aim to win, not to preserve acceptable score.

- It’s been only two days since the game against FC Mariupol. The match was quite challenging considering that you played outnumber. How do you feel?

- I feel great and I’m ready for the game.

- You’ll oppose Kharatin in the midfield tomorrow. You feature for Ukraine national team together. Does this make your task simpler?

- We don’t know whether he’ll take the field, so I’m not sure. All Ferencvarosi players are of decent level.

- What conclusions did you make after the game in Budapest?

- We’ve analyzed our mistakes. I hope that won’t happen again.

- What do you think of your performance in the Champions League?

- We opposed outstanding teams and looked decently. In some cases we deserved more. I think we’ve made a step forward.

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