Nazar Voloshyn: “Contract with Dynamo is my childhood dream”

Nazar Voloshyn: “Contract with Dynamo is my childhood dream”

FC Dynamo Kyiv 19-year-old halfback Nazar Voloshyn has shared his impressions of the new contract with the club and told about the training camp.

- What goal do you set for yourself for the next four years of the contract?

- I want to be as useful for Dynamo as possible and make headway. I want to score and win the starting spot.

- What does it mean to a young man to sign the contract with the best club of the country?

- It was my childhood dream since I joined the Academy. And now this day has come.

- This isn’t your first training camp with Dynamo. How does it differ from previous ones?

- When playing for Kryvbas on loan I got more confident and experienced, so now things are easier for me.

- Does Dynamo training process differ from the one they have in Kryvbas?

- It does. In Dynamo we run more, have many exercises with the ball. Training sessions are more lasting.

- They call you the “second Tsyhankov”. What do you think of that?

- I’d better be the “first Voloshyn”.

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