Nazar Voloshyn: “Vorskla delivered a real battle today”

Nazar Voloshyn: “Vorskla delivered a real battle today”

Nazar Voloshyn, who scored the first goal of the game against FC Vorskla Poltava, has commented upon the match.

- Congratulations! Was it a tough win?

- First of all this win is really important to us. Vorskla delivered a real battle today. I’m happy we’ve won and I’ve scored. But let’s not forget we made a lot of mistakes.

- Was you goal an outcome of practiced combination or something spontaneous?

- It was more spontaneous. Vanat performed accurate heel pass, I needed to rush through defenders and shoot.

- Dynamo had a lot of dangerous attacks. Why did it take you so long to increase the lead?

- Hard to say. We need to work on our finishing. But it’s good we create chances.

- Have Vorskla surprised you somehow?

- Vorskla are tough opponent. They’re skillful and decent team.