Mykyta Burda: “Our team is capable of more”

Mykyta Burda: “Our team is capable of more”

- Mykyta, you made your debut for Dynamo first team in the Europa League game against Rio Ave. In the UPL your first match was against Shakhtar. Which one is more memorable?

- I can’t pick one. Both matches are very memorable to me. What’s important is that we won both of them.

- Do you keep in touch with coaches during the quarantine?

- We’re allowed to work at the training complex. Someone from the coaching staff is always there to follow us.

- Have you completely recovered from injury?

- Yes, I feel fine, but unfortunately I lack game practice as before the quarantine I only played for 30 minutes for the youth team.

- Whom do you communicate the most with outside the field? How do you maintain friendly relationship considering the competition for starting spot?

- I have good relationship with everyone. A bit closer communication is with Bushchan, Mykolenko, Shaparenko, Sydorchuk, Buialskyi. As for competition, it shouldn’t influence our relationship.

- Who’s the best player you’ve opposed?

- Those are three Chelsea attacking players (Pedro, Giroud and Willian). It was very difficult to oppose them.

- Has the role of centre back changed within 5-7 years you perform on professional level?

- Sure, football is evolving. When a kid I wasn’t taught to do things centre back must do today. My task was to dispossess opponent and to pass to the closest teammate. Now centre backs must start attacks, so they need a good first pass. That’s very important.

- Meanwhile goalkeepers often feature like centre backs…

- That’s true. It’s quite a new demand. Today goalkeepers must be able to play with their feet. Of course it’s great when there’s goalkeeper behind you, who can deal with your pass.

- Dynamo have had a generational change. 25-year-old players are considered to be almost veterans. Do you feel the pressure as a more experienced player?

- Actually there’s no pressure. Of course I know I’m getting older, so I should be more confident and help youngsters.

- Which coach you’d like to work with?

- Guardiola or Klopp. I guess they are two best coaches in the world at the moment.

- What’s the potential of modern Dynamo?

- I’m totally sure that our team is capable of more.

- Do you keep in touch with Dynamo ultras and other supporters?

- Sure, supporters are very important. Ultras make great banners and create atmosphere at the stadium. That means a lot to us.

- Which game for the national team is the most memorable to you?

- I haven’t had a lot of them (smiling). I guess it was my first match (friendly against Morocco).

- What’s your daily routine during the quarantine?

- I work out till about 1 p.m. Then I spend time at home. Sometimes I can walk my dog, go to a store or visit my parents.

- Do you want the number of teams in the UPL to be 14 or even 16?

- We want to have more teams in the league. We want to play in cities with good infrastructure, such as Kharkiv, Lutsk. It’s great for people from different regions.

- What’s your football dream?

- One should set ambitious goals. I’d like to win the Champions league with the club and European Championship or World Cup with national team.

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