Ognjen Vukojevic: “Every team does its best opposing Dynamo”

Ognjen Vukojevic: “Every team does its best opposing Dynamo”

FC Dynamo Kyiv assistant coach Ognjen Vukojevic has commented upon the friendly against PFC Levski Sofia (1:1).

- Is Mister satisfied with the game? Was there a blamestorming in the locker-room?

- No, everything’s fine. Of course there were episodes that don’t satisfy us. We made a lot of passing mistakes, but the team had a really tough session the day before, so players were tired. We need to recondition and analyze our mistakes. It’s fine, we’re moving on.

- Bulgarian teams played quite toughly against Dynamo. There was a lot of scrimmage. Is there a reason for picking such opponents?

- Every team does its best opposing Dynamo, even in friendlies. It means a lot to them – to face such club as Dynamo. That’s good for us. We need this level of intensiveness.  I just hope we’ll avoid injuries. Shaparenko got hurt today, for example.

- Besedin is getting game practice at last. How long will it take him to recondition?

- I’m happy for Besedin. Mister lets him play more and more. Today he showed his class. I’m sure he’ll be ready as the season restarts. I think he’ll enforce us and will score a lot.

- Besedin and Dubinchak hare returned. Is that enforcement you need?

- We’ll see. We’ll have another training camp in Turkey. We have a lot of players at the moment. There will be more friendlies after which we’ll make conclusions. Every performer has a chance.

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