Oleh Husiev: “Mister uses different combinations of players in every friendly”

Oleh Husiev: “Mister uses different combinations of players in every friendly”

FC Dynamo Kyiv assistant coach Oleh Husiev has commented upon the friendly against FK Rudar Pljevlja.

- Today Dynamo had a lot of opportunities to practice different attacking combinations. Do you agree?

- I do, there were a lot of good combinations, especially in the second half. But, unfortunately, we didn’t finish a lot of them with shots on goal. That’s what we should work on.

- Why didn’t Dynamo shoot more?

- We pointed that out for players after the first half. Maybe they wanted to play spectacularly, but that’s not something we can always do. Anyway, we’ve won. Besides, the goal was scored after pretty good combination.

- Vitinho keeps making headway. Has he totally adapted to the team?

- We all expect him to demonstrate football he currently demonstrates. I don’t think he’s reached his limit. His progress can continue. We hope he’ll benefit the team in every game.

- It seems the exercise load at the training camp is decreasing. Will you focus on reconditioning instead?

- Not yet. For example, yesterday we had two sessions. Today and tomorrow we have friendlies. The day after tomorrow we’ll have a session and another game. I don’t think we decrease exercise load. After Thursday match guys will go to Kyiv to have two days off. Then they’ll get more game practice.

- Tomorrow you’ll have totally different opponent… Does your game plan depend upon which team you face?

- It doesn’t. We work on our stuff. As you see, Mister uses different combinations of players in every friendly. Thus we get them ready for the second part of the season.

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