Oleh HUSIEV: “Bezus played better than Totti!”

Oleh HUSIEV: “Bezus played better than Totti!”

- You know the score, what else can I say?

- Did you expect everything would happen this way?

- Speaking about the score – I didn’t. Still I had no doubt that we’ll defeat this team. We analyzed our home match against Montenegro in detail. Of course we were to win in Kyiv, but I was sure that we can do that away.

- Before the game it was often mentioned that Montenegrins act provocatively a lot. Have you experienced that to the full extent?

- Mykhailo Fomenko warned us about that all the time. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to cope with this problem in the first half?

- Do you mean Zozulia’s red card?

- Sure. Roman says that there was nothing extraordinary about that episode, but the referee sent him off. Still this situation gave us extra motivation.

In the second half Volkov and Pavicevic also got red cards. Mykhailo Fomenko asked us to keep an eye on these players.

- What did you think of as Zozulia was sent off?

- Actually my thoughts weren’t positive. Still it lasted not longer than several moments.

- What was the crucial episode of the game?

- Of course it was goal scored by Harmash! We experienced pressure in the beginning of the second half, but after the first goal and Volkov’s red card I realized that we can win the game.

- What did you tell Bezus about his goal?

- There were some jokes about that (laughing). He adores Totti, so we told him that he played better than Francesco.   


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