Oleh Luzhnyy: Rebrov will appear on the pitch Wednesday night

Oleh Luzhnyy: Rebrov will appear on the pitch Wednesday night

Dynamo acting head coach Oleh Luzhnyy talked to press people at the Man. United vs. Dynamo pre-match press conference.

- Maksim Shatskikh has stayed in Kyiv. Are you going to introduce any profound changes to the game scheme?
- Maksim is sidelined by the tendon injury he picked up in the game vs. Metalist on Saturday. He is having some treatment in Kyiv. Am I planning any changes? Surely, there have to be some transformations. We need a new lineup and a new game system. What can one alter over a brief spell? Practically nothing.

- Have you decided on tomorrow’s lineups?
-About 80%.

- Do you experience anxiety on the eve of the match?
- For any coach, the first game is vital, with a UEFA Champions League encounter making your responsibility even weightier. I do feel some worry before the game vs. one of the world’s prominent clubs, which I believe Man. United is. This is, however, a natural thing for any manager. You can not go without it in soccer. When you play on the pitch and are responsible solely for your display, it is one kind of worry. As a coach, you bear responsibility for the whole team.

- Does coming here rekindle your memories of the games played at Old Trafford?
- Definitely. I played here many times and went both through wins and defeats. The atmosphere is just amazing.

- Serhiy Rebrov is back in the lineup. Will his Premiership experience be useful to the squad?
- József Szabó omitted Serhiy because he was suffering from the leg injury. He will no doubt appear on the pitch Wednesday night, be it in the starting lineup or on the bench.


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