Olexandr Karavayev: “Exercise load is significant, but we deal with it”

Olexandr Karavayev: “Exercise load is significant, but we deal with it”

The White-Blues’ player Olexandr Karavayev, who skipped the first winter training camp due to COVID-19, has shared his impressions of getting back to work.

- How do you feel?

- I’m fine as I was training in Kyiv. After I was tested negative, I still had a week till the second training camp. So, I was working at our training ground every day. The first friendly was tough for me, but the following time I was doing better.

- You’ve already played as right winger and left back at this training camp. You’re probably the most versatile player of the team.

- I guess so. It doesn’t matter to me what my position is. I’m just happy I can take the field and keep fit.

- Do you give guidance to young players?

- Sure. When a youngster, I was also anxious from time to time and experienced players supported me. Now I have certain experience and can help younger teammates.

- It seems Vitinho has got accustomed to the team. What do you think of him?

- He’s really doing well. He listens carefully and does what they tell him to. He has incredible potential. If he keeps this up, he’ll reach top level.

- You had quite intense session today. Does exercise load increase?

- Exercise load is significant, but we deal with it.

- Do you think it’s good you play a lot of friendlies?

- Yes, that’s very beneficial.

- How does COVID-19 influence players?

- At first it’s tough. You have to regain fitness from scratch. But then things get fine.

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