Olexandr Karavayev: “We’re getting ready for the duel against Fenerbahce thoroughly”

Olexandr Karavayev: “We’re getting ready for the duel against Fenerbahce thoroughly”

FC Dynamo Kyiv player Olexandr Karavayev has summarized the Swiss stage of the training camp and shared his expectations of the Champions League second qualifying round battle against Fenerbahce.

- How do players feel after the Swiss part of the training camp?

- I don’t think we’re hundred per cent ready, but we’re approaching quite good fitness level. In the last friendly we demonstrated decent mutual understanding. We recondition day-by-day.

- Mircea Lucescu has started preparations for matches against Fenerbahce. What do you already know about this team?

- We’ve had only one theory class so far. We watched Fenerbahce friendly against Partizan. I can say they’re orderly team. The work of their coach is obvious. Last season we faced him in the Champions League as he was in charge of Benfica.

Fenerbahce players are very skillful, especially in terms of attacking actions. So, we’re getting ready for this duel thoroughly.

- You featured for Fenerbahce in 2017. Will these games be special for you considering that?

- I spent only half a year in Fenerbahce and didn’t play a lot. Still I have good memories of that period as Fenerbahce have very passionate fans. Their support is very sensible.

The game will be tough, but we totally can go through to the next stage as we’re getting ready properly.

- Do you realize this game is important not only to Dynamo, but to Ukrainian football and all Ukrainians too?

- Sure. We have strong unified nation. I’m sure we’ll be victorious in all fronts – in sports and on our Ukrainian land.

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