Oleksandr Pikhalionok: “I won’t need much time for adaptation”

Oleksandr Pikhalionok: “I won’t need much time for adaptation”

Attacking midfielder Oleksandr Pikhalionok has shared his impressions upon signing the contract with FC Dynamo Kyiv.

- The offer from Dynamo wasn’t unexpected to me as they were interested during previous transfer windows as well. But what was mostly rumors while now Dynamo made an actual offer and I’m happy to join the Kyiv side.

Before signing the contract, I needed some time to think, four or five days. There were some issues related to Shakhtar and Dnipro-1 to be settled.

As far as I know a lot of Dynamo player, I don’t think I’ll need much time for adaptation. We played together for the national team, I opposed them in the league, besides I performed for Dnipro-1 together with Dubinchak.

I’m really looking forward to games against Shakhtar as I’m their trainee. I didn’t really do well in Shakhtar, so I’ll do my best on the field to prove how wrong they were.

I also really want to perform in the Champions League with the White-Blues although I understand that will be extremely hard to do as we start with the second qualifying round.

As I haven’t been called up to the national team, I have time to recover and get ready for the new challenge in my career. Frankly speaking, I really wanted to go to the Euro-2024, but I respect the gaffer’s decision. I had an injury recently and I guess that had an impact. I’ll be reconditioning and proving I deserve to play for the national team.

Photo – UAF

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