Oleksandr Pikhalionok: “Dynamo jersey is a different level and responsibility”

Oleksandr Pikhalionok: “Dynamo jersey is a different level and responsibility”

FC Dynamo Kyiv newcomer has done the interview for club media, shared his emotions, told about his motivation towards choosing Kyiv side and about his football dreams.

- Welcome to Dynamo, Oleksandr! They discussed your transfer a lot in media. How was it happening?

- At first I got an actual offer from Dynamo. When Shakhtar found out Dynamo wanted to sign me, they made their offer as well. I took some time to think about it, besides there were a lot of legal issues.

- So you had offers both from Dynamo and from Shakhtar?

- Yes and I chose Dynamo. I’m very happy to be here.

- Who was the first you shared the news with?

- With my family – my wife, mom and dad. My dad is hundred per cent for Dynamo. As for players, I talked to Tymchyk, Bushchan, Yarmolenko. Andrii found proper words and persuaded me to join Dynamo. I also had a really nice conversation with Dynamo president. That was really sincere.

- Why did you choose Dynamo over Shakhtar?

- At this stage of my career I feel like playing for Dynamo. I’ll be doing the best I can for the White-Blues.

- Did you sleep well while the negotiations were on?

- Actually I didn’t sleep well for three or four days. I was constantly on the phone. But anyway I knew which team I would join.

- You’re from Donetsk. You used to play for Shakhtar, Mariupol. How does it feel being in Dynamo taking that into account?

- I think there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ll be doing my best for Kyiv side colors and trying to gladden our fans.

- You told that you came to Shakhtar school as a kid wearing Dynamo jersey of Shevchenko. Tell about that please.

- That was the case (smiling). I was 5 and I came to Shakhtar school with my dad. That was my first jersey. But they didn’t accept me as I wasn’t six yet. So they told me to come the following year. Everyone was surprised I was wearing Dynamo jersey. My father had to tell everyone we’re actually from Donetsk.