Oleksandr Syrota: “I had 10 days for rest which is enough for me”

Oleksandr Syrota: “I had 10 days for rest which is enough for me”

FC Dynamo Kyiv defender Oleksandr Syrota has told about his vacation, shared his impressions of the Euro-2024 and expectations of the training camp:

- Everything goes to the play we’ve all got used to. We’ve had almost a month of vacation. Now we start getting ready for the season.

- How was the first session after vacation?

- It was really good. We’ve good two newcomers we know really well. It’s all great.

- Did you have enough time to recondition? How’re you feeling?

- Sure, I did. Each of us did an individual training program, so everyone’s equally ready more or less.

- How many days did you have just for rest?

- Like 10 days which is enough for me. The individual training program increases the exercise load gradually. If you do it step-by-step it’s not that hard.

- Where did you spend your vacation?

- My wife and I were in Kyiv the whole time. We went to the pool, had some rest.

- What are you going to focus on while working in Kyiv?

- For the next three days we’ll be having one reconditioning session a day. Starting Wednesday we’ll be having two.

- Dynamo will face Partizan in the Champions League second qualifying round. What do you think of this team?

- They’re good team, but we must outplay them. That’s all I can say.

- Do you follow Euro-2024?

- Of course I do. I like it that they play a lot of games every day. I hope our guys will beat Belgium.

- What’s your prediction for this game?

- I think we have really good team. If our guys believe in themselves they can succeed.

- Have you ever witnessed the situation when all teams had equal number of points after two matchdays?

- Never. Anyway the best option is to beat Belgium. I think we can do it.

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