Press conference of Olexandr Shovkovskyi after the game against Chornomorets

Press conference of Olexandr Shovkovskyi after the game against Chornomorets

FC Dynamo Kyiv head coach Olexandr Shovkovskyi answered media questions after the home game against FC Chornomorets Odesa (1:0).

- I’m not tired of saying that and I’ll probably be starting every press conference by thanking our defenders doing what they do, for the chance to play football and give people emotions we currently lack.

Secondly I would like to extend condolences to families of victims of another barbaric attack on Odesa…

As for the game, we were expecting a tough one as lately we hadn’t been doing well against Chornomorets.

- Why was Vitaliy Buialskyi absent today?

- Vitaliy is definitely one of our key players. His presence is very important. Unfortunately, he’s got injured. Additional examination will show how serious that is.

- Which part of your game plan haven’t players managed to fulfill?

- Firstly, we didn’t use chances we created. We’re working on that all the time. If we used at least half of opportunities we had, the match ending would have been calmer. But this is why football is so beautiful. We can’t always stick to the plan as we oppose teams who have their own tasks. Besides, Dynamo are always extra motivation for opponents.

- Fans were admitted to the stadium for the first time after a long break today. Did you like this energy?

- Of course, it’s a great achievement. This is important both to fans and to players as we play football for our supporters. Secondly, it’s important that all people who wish to be present at the stadium can be sure that in case of certain situations they will calmly go to the shelter and be safe there.

- Why wasn’t the team so aggressive as in the initial 10 minutes today?

- We play against teams that set their own tasks, analyze our actions and can transform throughout the game. Our aggression was supposed to result in goals early in the game and we had chances for that. But we didn’t use those while visitors didn’t concede and received a positive charge and continued playing their football. During the break we introduced some changes. I’d like to thank players for this game, considering how our recent matches against Chornomorets were.

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